Looking for your dream home?

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If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a home, but find yourself feeling like the dream is out of reach, maybe I can help. The first step towards owning a home means understanding how much home you can afford. Most people don’t ever ask this question because they think they don’t have enough for a down payment, or worry their credit …


7 Tips for Energy Awareness Month

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October isn’t just about pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween celebrations; it’s also Energy Awareness Month. Find out how you can reduce your household’s energy consumption this fall while preparing for the seasons ahead. Reducing Home Energy Use The average U.S. household consumes tens of thousands of kilowatt hours of electricity each year, and much of it is completely unnecessary. Making …


5 First-Time Building Mistakes to Avoid

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Designing your own home can be exciting, but it’s a lot more work than buying an existing house. With so many moving pieces involved, knowing what works and what doesn’t is key. Protect your home’s long-term value by sidestepping these five avoidable pitfalls of building a new home. 1. Forgetting About Storage Space From seasonal items to extra bedding, everything requires …

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What is a “Lipstick Flip”?

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When inventory is tight and newly renovated homes are wooing prospective buyers, you need to take a step back and remember that the home you’re hunting for is a long-term investment. While futuristic appliances and gleaming hardwood floors may seduce you into making a quick offer, understand that there’s much more to a home than what lies on the surface. …


When You Just Shouldn’t Do It Yourself

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A do-it-yourself project can be an empowering way to save money, provided you know what you’re doing. But making even one simple mistake could put a strain on your back or your bank account. Often, it’s best to put safety first and call a professional. Here are four types of home improvement projects that are best left to the experts. 1. Plumbing …


Did you know you can comparison shop for loans?

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As you know, it’s important to get pre-qualified for a mortgage before you seriously begin the home buying process. Having financing in place will allow you to make a better offer compared to those who have yet to qualify for a loan. Did you know you can comparison shop for loans? Sometimes people don’t realize that they can save thousands …


What Buyers Need to Know About Closing Credits

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If you’re buying a home, you probably know that it’s not uncommon to negotiate for credits at closing depending on a wide range of issues. But as a buyer, there are some things you should know before you begin this negotiation process. Here are some tips for buyers seeking closing credits: Closing credits are commonly negotiated as a result of …


Real Estate Trends and Perceptions

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Whether you’re interested in buying or selling a home this year, there’s reason to be optimistic. See how a healthy real estate market and positive consumer sentiments are contributing to a buoyant housing sector. Real Estate Trends The U.S. housing market continues its recovery as home prices gradually increase, interest rates remain low and millennials represent the largest group of homebuyers for the fourth …