North Metro Denver Home Owner’s Update

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Bring on the Green

Integrating green into your decorating scheme is one of the latest “in” trends. The best part? There’s endless ways to jump aboard the green train and not one of them is the same. Here are a few suggestions for incorporating any shade from “Key Lime Pie” to “Aspen Pine” into your North Metro Denver home.

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The Artificial Intelligence Battle for Your Home Environment

Not long ago, it seemed silly to think you could walk into your home and speak your lights on, turn up your air conditioning with a single command, or order pizza just by wishing it out loud.

Today, those distant dreams have moved into reality with smart home hubs loaded with voice-activated, artificially intelligent assistants waiting to make your wish their command.

Amazon claimed an early lead in this space with its wireless Echo speaker that houses the Alexa Assistant. Apple has been ramping up its Siri capabilities in its own HomeKit and recently released an app that lets users control all of their home devices from a single point. In addition, Google is vying to take over your living room with its Google Home hub and accompanying Google Assistant.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for artificial intelligence for your North Metro Denver home:

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Paint Color Psychology 101

You’re standing in the paint section of the local hardware store, staring at a rainbow of paint swatches fanned out in your hand. We all know that scene. It’s stressful – like a bad game of Uno where you’ve done nothing but draw a bunch of cards.

Why is picking out interior paint color so intimidating? Because colors evoke psychological responses. The last thing anyone wants to do is paint a room that gives people an uneasy feeling every time they walk in.

According to research aimed at making comparisons between human emotions and the room a person is standing in, here’s what you need to know about paint colors:

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