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2017: The Year of the Millennial North Metro Denver Home Buyer

Millennials are expected to rush the North Metro Denver Real Estate market in 2017, with many seeking affordable homes in the suburbs.

More than half of all buyers will be first-time homeowners, according to About 61 percent of those new buyers will fall squarely in the millennial category: under the age of 35.

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5 Features Younger Home Buyers Want

Millennials are making their way to the North Metro Denver Real Estate market in droves, according to

Here’s what many of them will be looking for to meet their housing requirements:

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Selling a Home during the Winter Season

For a large portion of the country, winter means the North Metro Denver real estate market tends to slow down. Families with children, who don’t want to move during the school term, and cooler temperatures can send potential home buyers into hibernation.

Just because the market slows down, does not mean it comes to a complete stop. The coming 2017 spring is expected to be a strong seller’s market, with many first-time home buyers searching for affordable housing. Some of the early birds are bound to take advantage of the winter months to start looking for a place to call their own.

Here are a few tips to give your home an edge during the winter selling season:

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Mix in the Metals

Metal fixtures, furniture and décor are hot items at the moment, and it doesn’t matter what color, texture or finish you prefer. Mixing metals is considered chic, and bringing vintage metal pieces back is both fashionable and savvy.

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