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Travel Footprints Can Be Green

Traveling is hard on the planet. Planes, trains, cars, and boats all add to air and water pollution. Hotels and resorts are infamous for big carbon footprints – with swimming pools, large interior areas to cool and heat, and loads upon loads of laundry every single day.

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10 Creative Ways to Use Leftover Food

Americans waste around 70 billion pounds of food every year, according to All that food in the trash is harmful to our planet and the people living on it. It’s time to stop refrigerator purging. Make more out of your leftovers and the bits and pieces of food you never thought to use.

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5 Easy Ways to Be More Eco-friendly

Investing in an electric car, committing to growing your own food, or downsizing to a tiny house and living off-the-grid are all major life changes. Those changes may be positive for the planet, but not all are realistic for the general population.

The good news is, there are plenty of little changes we can make to our lives that can add up to big changes for the world we live in.

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The Paper Chase

Although we live in the digital age, we still get lots of printed mailings in our mailboxes. From flyers to coupons and brochures to envelopes, how can you help save a tree?

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