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Refinancing Do’s and Don’ts

Do research on local North Metro Denver lender’s.  National reports give a very general idea of current mortgage rates. The best way to zero in on North Metro Denver mortgage rates is to talk to me first. In some situations, it makes more sense to sell the property and then purchase a less expensive home with a lower interest rate.

Don’t blindly go with the first lender you interview, unless its my perferred lender, she’s the best.  If need be shop around but only on  a referral basis and ask a lot of questions.

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Social Media Buzz: Be a Human, Not a Robot

Social media is a powerful thing. Using platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and even Snapchat can propel business forward when used the right way. On the other hand, a single offensive Tweet could send a business tumbling.

The No. 1 piece of advice to follow when building a business presence online is to treat your social media contacts like your real-life friends.

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Networking the Right Way

Networking is a way to make qualified business contacts that could lead to lucrative opportunities in the future. It sounds great. In fact, it is great when it is done correctly. But we’re convinced networking without the goal of building a relationship is futile.

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Quick Tips: LinkedIn

Simply having a LinkedIn profile is not enough. To reap any reward from the professional network, you have to optimize your profile and stay active.

Here are five easy ways you can increase your chances for professional advancement through LinkedIn:

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