North Metro Denver Real Estate News 4.1.2017

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Lawmakers reach a compromise on construction defects bill

Efforts to loosen the construction defects litigation stranglehold on affordable housing in Colorado took a big step forward last week. A compromise was struck late Tuesday night between lawmakers, homeowners’ groups and contractors. HB 1279 would provide homeowners’ associations 90 days from the moment they decide to pursue a claim to gather votes and pursue litigation. The bill would require informed consent from a majority of homeowners rather than a majority vote of the homeowner association boards. On Friday, HB 1279 was adopted by the House and will be placed on the calendar for a final vote early next week.
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Condo colossus coming downtown

A Miami developer has unveiled plans for a $500 million condo development that would bring 800 condo units to downtown Denver in two, 40-story towers. The towers, situated at 1901 Arapahoe St., would represent the single largest condo project ever built in Denver. Units are anticipated to be priced from the mid-$200,000 to more than $1 million.

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Do Your Investors Need Landlord Insurance?

In general, landlord insurance protects the house, apartment, or condo that is being rented out against “covered perils.” That usually consists of severe weather, natural disasters, and vandalism. It also might cover the owner if someone is injured at the property. Additional, some landlord insurance policies also provide income coverage protection.
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