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Colorado housing market: Highly ranked and improving, says Freddie Mac
Colorado’s housing market is one of the country’s top-ranked markets and also one of the U.S.’s improving markets. That’s according to a new report by Freddie Mac, which indicates Colorado scored high in its latest Multi-Indicator Market Index (MiMi). Colorado ranks No. 2 nationally, only behind Utah, on the national MiMi score, and over the past month, its MiMi value improvement value was the fifth-highest in the country.
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Down Payment Gift? Follow these guidelines.
Many first-time home buyers receive down payment assistance from a family member or close friend, but they may not realize there are specific guidelines they must follow when they take money from others for a home purchase. To begin with, the down payment must be considered a gift. If it’s considered a loan, your buyers may then qualify for less than they may have needed to. The person who gifted the money will need to state on paper that he or she does not plan on asking for the money back in return and that it is, indeed, a gift.
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