Omni Wheel Makes It Easier to Ditch Driving for Cycling

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One trend that’s hard to break is driving everywhere for everything. Need to meet up with a friend who lives a mile away? You’re likely driving. Going to the gym that’s across town? Probably driving. Want some sunflower seeds from the gas station? Driving there, too.

Many of us drive for everything and only bike for recreational purposes or fitness on occasion. Riding a bicycle simply to go from point A to point B is a rarity. That might change after seeing EVELO’s Omni Wheel.

EVELO has come out with a way to transform your bicycle into a hybrid by replacing the front wheel of a standard bike with the Omni Wheel. The rechargeable wheel lasts approximately 40 miles and the standard battery allows speeds up to 25 miles per hour with some rather light pedal assistance.

The wheel comes with a wireless display that lets you know how fast you’re going, shows distance information, and has adjustable power levels. There is also a press-and-go throttle that gives the bicycle a boost of energy. Bigger batteries and motors are also available.

Omni Wheel prices start at $999, compared to electric bikes that can run up to $15,000 and beyond. A greener way to get around, without the dread of having to sweat … too much.

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