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Longmont was ranked 23rd on the livability’s list of the nation’s top 100 best places to live in 2016. This includes Firestone and Fredrick, which were all ranked highly for healthcare and overall health of its residents. The reason for that is an increasing community-wide focus on healthy living that is shared by both the older and young residents alike. Learn more about the real estate sector of this town here below.

Fitness is much easier to maintain in Longmont due to the availability of hiking and mountain biking trails that are always open to the public, and numerous public parks. People who buy homes in this real estate market have found that they have become increasingly more active and healthier by utilizing these easy fitness opportunities. The good health also extends to schools in this town as kids are taught about healthy nutrition in school.

Besides great health, there is plenty to enjoy in this town that has just below 100,000 people. Longmont real estate also features an impressive list of amenities like the Downtown Creative district. Here, you will find many fun activities to do ranging from art tours and galleries to bars and restaurants.

Spend the evening enjoying music at the summer concerts held in downtown. Engage other locals in the popular craft beer scene or spend time learning firsthand how to make cheese. Hike, bike or skydive in the mountains. Go golfing at any one of the various outstanding courses in Longmont. Your realtor will be able to guide on the best amenities available in Longmont to ensure you capitalize on the vibrant community in the town.

Cultural diversity is also one of the main factors that make Longmont homes so admirable. There is Peruvian soccer available in the community, along with other diverse celebrations like Cinco de Mayo and the Chinese New Year. The entire community in the real estate is usually involved in all these celebrations, making for a fun experience for the whole family.

There is certainly a lot of potential in the Longmont real estate sector. Good restaurants and entertainment options are moving into the town, which is going to increase the property value. This means first-time buyers can benefit from the steadily rising prices since buyers want their homes to gain value over time.

That upward property value trend, along with the many affordable homes that continue to attract first-time buyers has contributed greatly to the appeal of Longmont, including Firestone and Fredrick. If you are interested in investing in the Longmont real estate, or you simply want to buy a home here, contact us today.

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