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Common Mistakes Made By Northglenn and Thornton Home Buyers

Northglenn and Thornton are lovely places to buy homes in.  However, there are many mistakes that first time home buyers make. A realtor is able to point out many common errors, but doing your homework before showing up at as realtor office makes the process easier. Here are some of the common mistakes to avoid when looking at buying real estate.


 Not Having Your Credit Reviewed before looking to buy Real Estate

 There is a lot that can go wrong with a credit report, and this can damage your chances of being able to buy real estate. Having a FICO-based credit report done two to three months before, you start looking at real estate. This will give you the time to work with a loan officer and a consumer attorney to work to have the correct report placed in your credit history. It also tells you what bills need to be paid off first.


Closing Credits Card Accounts before Buying Real Estate

 Paying off credit cards is one of the best things that you can do for your credit score, but you should leave the credit card open. Closing the credit card account will lower your credit score, as it lowers the amount of open trade lines for the FICO credit score. It also reduces your credit utilization calculations, which is a huge part of your credit score. Even if you plan on never using that credit card again, leave the account open.


Buying the Car or Any Large Item before Real Estate

 While having a car loan is usually able to help raise your credit score, it damages your chances at being able to buy real estate. This is due to the fact that it lowers your credit score since you have new debt. The payments on anything big like a car increase your debt to income ratio. This ratio is what is used to figure how much money you qualify for. If you are planning to buy real estate, buy it first, and then buy the car. A house is going to do less damage to the amount that you can get for a car loan. The same rule applies for furniture.


Failing to Communicate with Your Realtor

This is a problem for just about everyone who buys real estate and leads to some bad problems. A realtor has a lot of knowledge about the real estate market and has contact with people who can answer questions about loans, and home repairs. Going without a realtor has become popular in the last few years in Northglenn and Thornton. However, if this is your first time buying real estate, it is recommended to use a realtor and communicate any problems or questions you have. This makes the process easier for both parties.

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