Running a successful garage sale

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As we work to prepare your home for sale and a smooth move to your new place, I thought I’d share some tips for planning and running a successful garage sale. There are some small things you can do to make the experience less stressful while putting a few dollars back in your budget. Here are some things I’ve learned helping clients declutter throughout my years in real estate:

  1. Think about pricing ahead of time. Don’t force yourself to make decisions on the fly about how much you want to charge. It’s far easier to decide on pricing in advance, especially when it comes to deals like “10 books for $10” or “shirts are $5 each or 5 for $20.” Advance pricing will also help others help you sell, since you may not be on hand to answer every shopper’s question personally. Also: Be flexible with hagglers. Remember the goal is decluttering, not running a retail empire.
  1. Get change before the sale. Stop by a bank or grocery store and get plenty of fives and singles to make change. Also factor making change into your pricing strategy so people can pay with even bills like tens or twenties.
  1. Check local regulations. Some cities or homeowner’s associations have rules about how garage sales can be operated and advertised. Don’t get shut down or fined. Check with the city or the HOA for details.
  1. Advertise in advance. Don’t rely on foot traffic alone. Post on Craigslist, Facebook, NextDoor, and any other online forum where you feel safe advertising the sale. Post flyers a few days before the event and use directional signs at intersections to point the way. (As always, do this in accordance with local regulations.)
  1. Keep spare bags and boxes handy. Collect some paper grocery bags or cardboard boxes people can use to haul away their purchases. This is a clever way to keep a casual shopper from deciding not to buy because they can’t carry their goods.

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